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February 2023

You never know when or what challenges will come your way. But when they do, it’s great to have someone on your side helping you. I needed just that help when I found out my elderly father-in -law’s home Insurance was canceled. To make it more complicated, the home was reversed mortgaged. I was in an 11th hour panic, when I accidentally called Lumenasa Ins Group. My guardian Angel that picked up the phone was Debbie Lane. In one afternoon, she did more than other agents with other and much larger Ins Co’s could do in days. My father-in-law can put the stress of a possible foreclosure behind him now and work on his health, which is where his mind an body should be . I share this detailed story so in case others find themselves in a similar situation, feel comfort that there are people like Debbie Lane that actually care and are capable of helping you.

Thank you Debbie Lane and her team @ Lumenasa Ins and Financial.

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