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February 2023

Marielys “Mari” patiently took her time with me. Mari effectively answered all of my questions and addressed my concerns. Mari provided me with multiple insurance quotes. Mari was able to successfully find an insurance provider that significantly beat the rate of my current provider and the rate of any insurance quotes I could find on my own. Mari is both a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. Mari keeps her commitments, wow’s you with an exceptional consumer experience and presents insurance solutions that save you money. Simply outstanding service combined with among the very best insurance rate offerings. Look no further. I do not believe you can possibly find a better trifecta of service, follow-through and economical rates. Writing this reminds of something Winston Churchill once said, and I paraphrase, “My tastes are very simple. I only want the best. That way I am never dissatisfied.” Choose Lumenasa.

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