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Sample of All FAQs (Helpie FAQ)

Helpie FAQ

  • What does my referral get if I refer them to Lumenasa?

    When you refer someone to us, they receive a complimentary insurance review. This service is more than just an evaluation of coverage—it’s an opportunity to help them fully understand their current insurance coverage and potentially uncover cost savings.

  • Is there a limit to how many people I can refer?

    You can refer as many people as you want as long as you are an active Lumenasa Client. Keep in mind that the referral program is not available to all users. Annual and state limits apply.

  • How long will it take to get paid?

    Once your friend signed up for an insurance policy with Lumenasa you can get paid within 5 business days.

  • How do I get paid?

    Payments are made through Wise cash rewards.

  • How much money do I get for a referral?

    Once the person you refer signed up for an insurance policy with Lumenasa you will receive a reward. Generally, the reward is $50, however, payout amounts may vary depending on your state and any promotions active at the time of your referral.

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  • Do I have to be a client with Lumenasa to be paid for referring someone?

    Yes, you must be a client to join the Lumenasa referral program. If you are not a client but would like to refer people to Lumenasa you can apply to join our influencer program.