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About Us

Discover Lumenasa: Illuminating Your Financial Journey

With over 32 years of leadership experience in the insurance and finance sectors, Lumenasa Insurance Agency is reshaping the way consumers perceive value, choice, and guidance in insurance. Whether it’s home, auto, or life insurance, our foundation rests on unwavering integrity, exceptional customer service, and partnerships with top-tier A+ insurance providers. Envisioned in Phoenix, Arizona, Lumenasa is a budding financial tech enterprise, striving to offer a comprehensive suite of insurance solutions to American households and small businesses. Our versatile approach encompasses everything from in-person interactions to digital engagements, ensuring clients feel at ease no matter their preferred medium.

The Essence of Lumenasa?
A fusion of “Lumen” meaning light, and “Casa” for house – symbolizing our commitment to illuminating a path for clients, ensuring they’re safeguarded, empowered, and progressing towards their financial aspirations. Lumenasa Insurance Agency LLC stands as our maiden venture, delivering expert insurance advice. With plans to diversify and expand, we are poised to revolutionize the industry. As challenges rise, we aim to stand firm as your trusted advisor and beacon of stability. To sum it up, we heard your needs. We are here. We are Lumenasa…your lighthouse.

“When the lighthouse is on, there is a pathway forward”

-Mark Chambers, CEO

Our Promise

At Lumenasa, we pledge to be your guiding light in the insurance landscape. As your dedicated advisors, we dive deep into a sea of options, ensuring you receive unparalleled protection tailored to your unique needs, all while offering unmatched value and service.